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Policy Holder Payment
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Use of this form to make payment by credit card is permitted only on active insurance policies. If you have received a “non-payment” cancellation notice, you may use this form to make a credit card payment only if the payment is made before the cancellation date stated on the notice. If you have received a cancellation or non-renewal notice which states any reason other than “non-payment,” do not use this form to make a credit card payment. Doing so will not reinstate or renew your policy. If you have received a cancellation or non-renewal notice stating a reason other than “non-payment,” and you wish to apply for renewal or reinstatement of your policy, you should instead call our customer service department at 516-681-9400.

By clicking this check-box, I affirm that the insurance policy for which I am making payment is active, and that I have not received a cancellation or non-renewal notice; or, that the insurance policy for which I am making payment is subject to a non-payment cancellation notice, but that the within payment is being made before the effective date of the cancellation. I acknowledge that if I use this form to make payment for an insurance policy which has been cancelled or non-renewed, or a payment made after the effective date of a non-payment cancellation, my payment will not reinstate or renew the policy.






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As of December 31, 2013, Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company, known by its trade name, TSC>Direct, had admitted assets of $113,723,468 and policyholders surplus of $48,679,384. Its total liabilities were $65,044,083 including $44,817,204 in reserves.

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Providing auto and homeowners insurance to: New York City, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau & Suffolk Counties in Long Island. Providing homeowners insurance also to: Westchester County and Orange County NY.

*Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Northbrook, IL, State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance, Bloomington, IL and Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Boston, MA, semi-annual automobile insurance rates obtained from the New York State Dept. of Insurance 2012 Downstate Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance (see page for “Auto Insurance Price Comparison Tables and Notes, Appendix I, Downstate Territory Number 75, Suffolk County West, Page 3”). The rating criteria for these quotes are: Territory 75 (Suffolk County West, NY); 2009 Honda Accord sedan; Symbol 12; 35 year old married male; licensed 3 years; policy liability limits of $25,000/50,000 Bodily Injury, $25,000/50,000 Uninsured Motorist, $10,000 Property Damage and $50,000 Personal Injury Protection coverage; Comprehensive and Collision coverage with $200 deductible; 10 miles to work one-way; 10,000 miles annual usage. Not intended as a rate quote.