5 Questions About New York Auto Insurance and Traffic Violations

Nov 05, 2019

05 Nov
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5 Questions About New York Auto Insurance and Traffic Violations

by Robert Marsalona
  1. How Do Traffic Violations and Tickets Affect My New York Auto Insurance?

The rules of the road are in place to prevent accidents and keep the roads as safe as possible for drivers. Violating these rules can mean putting yourself and others at risk for an accident, and a habit of breaking the rules can also impact your New York auto insurance policy rates and coverage.

To get a clearer picture of your driving history and assess your precaution behind the wheel, insurers look at your driving record. Insurance companies, as with any business, strive to remain profitable, thus have to set higher auto policy rates for higher risk drivers. Depending on the company, certain infractions can cause your insurance to be declined or non-renewed.

2. What Types of Violations Will Impact My New York Auto Insurance?

Traffic violations like parking, seat belt, or red light camera tickets aren’t as likely to affect your rates. On the other hand, more serious violations like a DUI/DWI, a speeding ticket, texting while driving or a citation for reckless/careless driving can cause more costly repercussions.

Furthermore, experience is also a factor. Someone who has been on the road 20 years and has a clean record may be unaffected by a minor violation. However, a youthful inexperienced driver may see an increase for the exact same violation.

The amount any given violation may increase your premium depends on your particular company as well as the important details behind the incident (were you going 5MPH over the speed limit or 20MPH?). Don’t be surprised however, if you don’t see the increase immediately. New York insurance carriers can only review your policy upon renewal, which may be every 6 months or even once a year.

3. How Long Will My Ticket Impact My Auto Insurance Rate?

The answer to this question is dictated by your insurance company. If the violation is something minor, in most cases, it would stay on record for around three years. Something criminal, like a DWI will stick with you significantly longer–probably somewhere between five and ten years. Unfortunately, the presence of these tickets will also affect eligibility for other discounts, such as a Good Driver Discount, which usually requires a clean record going back five years or more with your insurer.

The practices of the state of New York and severity of the violation determine how long it may appear on your motor vehicle report and how points are assigned (for more information on points and penalties in New York, click here) . However, all insurance companies have their own system, so contact your carrier specific info.


4. Can I Get a Violation Removed From My Record?

Depending on the type of violation there are a number of avenues to explore in order to remove a traffic violation from your driving record. If this is a problem you have the ability to fix–like a broken tail light or peeling license plate–handle the situation promptly and you may be able to remove it from your record.

If a ticket is questionable, you can choose to fight it. Though this may elongate the process, it can be beneficial as it may lead to a settlement where your penalties are reduced or dismissed.

You can also take a point reduction program approved through the state of New York. This may only result in the dismissal of minor infractions, but it may also keep you from having your license suspended or revoked due to points.

5. How Do I Combat An Increase To My Auto Insurance Policy?

If you notice an increase in your rate, or if you notice a surcharge, it’s best to contact your provider to see what options you may have to lower your New York auto insurance. You may be able to raise your deductible to lower your premium. Taking on more responsibility in the event of a claim will likely lower your annual auto insurance rate.

Another option is to reduce coverage. Depending on the age of your vehicle, it may be advisable to do so anyway. However, this decision is at your own discretion and really about how comfortable you feel with your coverage limits.

Finally, ask your provider about discounts they offer, many New York auto insurance companies will offer an Accident Prevention or Defensive Driving Course Discount. The discount is valid for three years. Bundling insurance policies—like home and auto—may also result in an overall discount.

The best advice we have–is to drive safely and maintain the best ticket and accident-free record you can.

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