Auto Insurance Discounts: Saving on Car Insurance in NY

Dec 11, 2019

11 Dec
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Auto Insurance Discounts: Saving on Car Insurance in NY

by Robert Marsalona

Car Insurance in New York is an added expense that car owners cannot avoid. As a New Yorker, if you own a car, you are required to insure it. When you add insurance to other monthly expenses like rent, food, a car payment, gas etc., the cost of living in the Big Apple is hefty. That said, it’s a relief when you can find ways to save because every dollar counts. In this article we’ll provide a list of auto insurance discounts that could save you some money on your car insurance premium in NY!

Accident Prevention Course

If you take a state approved defensive driving or accident prevention course, be sure to notify your NY car insurance carrier. It is likely they offer a considerable discount that is valid for up to three years for completing this course. If you have more than one principle operator on your policy and multiple vehicles, you can all take the course to get the discount on each car. Once you complete the course, just send a copy of your completion certificate to your insurance company and they can apply the discount. You can complete the course in your own time online or you can attend a 6-hour class.

Driver’s Training Course

Similar to the Defensive Driving Course, this car insurance discount is specific to more youthful drivers (under 21). If the driver has completed a recognized driver’s education course you can receive a reduction in your car insurance premium in NY. Keep in mind that you cannot receive a discount for a driver’s ed course along with an accident prevention course.

Good Student Discount

Another discount that may be offered to families and young drivers is a good student discount. The classroom isn’t the only place where good grades can pay dividends. The qualifications for this reduction in your car insurance in NY may differ from one company to another, but the driver would likely need to be a full time student and maintain a specific GPA (in the case of TSC, a 3.0 or above). This discount may only apply to a certain age demographic.

Student Away at School

Again, the specific details of this reduction will vary based on your insurance carrier, however it can be a helpful car insurance discount for families. If your child is a student who goes away to school more than 100 miles from your home, you may be eligible to save on your car insurance in NY while they are not in the household. As long as you can provide proof that they will be away throughout the semester with a tuition bill or class schedule, your insurance company may allow you to remove them as a driver for that time period

Good Driver Discount

If you pride yourself on maintaining a spotless driving record, it can help you save on your car insurance in NY. In most cases, you have to have accrue some experience under your insurance carrier before this discount becomes available to you. With TSC the requirement is 5 years, however it can differ with other insurance companies. The discount is activated by having no at-fault accidents within the specified time period. This discount normally applies to the policy as a whole as opposed to a specific driver.

Vehicle Discounts

 New Vehicle Discount

Newer vehicles are often equipped with the best safety features and latest technology; because of this your insurer may extend a deduction on your premium if you have a new car. At TSC>Direct this applies to vehicles that are 3 years old or less.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Of course, your insurance company is going to appreciate loyalty. So, if you have more than one vehicle you may want to consider insuring them on the same policy to get a reduction on your car insurance in NY.

Recovery System

If your vehicle is equipped with a tracking system like OnStar or LoJack you may be able to save on comprehensive coverage. Simply provide your insurance carrier with proof of the installation and they will be able to apply the discount.

VIN Etching

Another way to decrease the odds of your vehicle getting stolen is to go to your local police precinct and get the VIN number etched onto the windows. Like the recovery system, this will lower the cost of comprehensive coverage on your car insurance in NY.

Safety Discounts

A number of discounts will be applied automatically based on your cars VIN number. Automatic safety discounts are often for vehicle safety features like, passive restraint airbags, anti-lock brakes or daytime running lights.

Other Discounts

Though these may not be available with TSC the following are other discounts that you may be able to get on your car insurance in NY:

  • Senior Citizen Discount- Those over a certain age may be able to receive a reduction in their yearly premium.
  • Military Discount- If you have served in the armed forces, some carriers will offer a deduction in your insurance premium.
  • Loyalty Discount- If you have been with the same insurance provider for an extended period of time, you may be able to save as a thank you for your continued patronage.

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