6 Surprising Things Car Insurance Covers

Jul 19, 2019

19 Jul
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6 Surprising Things Car Insurance Covers

by John Malone

Everyone knows that car insurance protects you from losses due to accidents up to the coverage limit of the policy. What you may not know is that car insurance also protects you from many other things, among them rodents, earthquakes and court costs. Here are some surprising things that car insurance covers. 

Court Costs

Car accidents are costly and traumatic experiences. But the real trouble can begin after the accident if you’re sued by the other party for their injuries. Luckily, most car insurance policies provide legal representation if you are involved in a lawsuit resulting from an accident. 

Damage from Potholes 

If you’re driving and you see that you’re about to hit a pothole, it’s always better to hit the pothole than swerve into another lane of traffic and risk causing an accident. Though damage from a pothole will be considered an at-fault accident, the collision portion of your car insurance will cover the cost of repairs up to your coverage limit.


Nothing is more infuriating than returning to your parked car and finding it keyed-up or covered in spray paint. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you have no reason to worry, because it will likely cover the cost of repairs. 


Guess how many states experience earthquakes? Your guess was likely low, because the number is actually 42. 90 percent of drivers in America live in an area where there are earthquakes, and that includes New York City.

Most comprehensive car insurance policies will protect your car from damage caused by earthquakes because they are deemed “acts of god” that are not the responsibility of the driver.

Car Seats 

In the same way that fixtures are considered a part of your home, car seats are considered by insurance companies to be a part of your car. That means that if the car seat is damaged as the result of an accident, it should be replaced by the collision portion of your policy.

Rodent Meals

Rats, for some reason, really enjoy the taste of electrical wires. This can be an expensive meal (for you), as damages from rodents regularly cost thousands of dollars. Not to be alarmed, however, as a comprehensive car insurance policy will cover most or all of the losses.

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