Cheap Home Security Devices you can Install Yourself

Mar 29, 2019

29 Mar
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Cheap Home Security Devices you can Install Yourself

by Jane Donahue

Home security used to mean having your entire home wired with sensors. Costly installation fees and monthly payments were practically unavoidable. Those days are over. New technology has paved the way for cheap home security devices that cost between $200 and $400 and can be installed yourself.

Though many of the options below don’t provide the protection or robust features of more costly home security systems, they come very, very close for a fraction of the cost.

Cheap Home Security Devices

  • SimpliSafe Home Security System – $229

SimpliSafe offers many different security systems, or the option to build your own from scratch. The Foundation kit, ideal for small homes and apartments, is just $229 and includes an entry sensor to cover your main door, plus a motion sensor for an extra layer of protection.

  • Nest Secure – $399

Intuitive and easy to set up, Nest Secure comes with a Guard hub, a cylindrical device with a number pad that tracks all the sensors and has its own siren and motion detector, two additional motion sensors you can set up anywhere in the home, and two key fobs. Nest Secure’s kits are also customizable so you can add features as needed.

  • Ring – $199

Ring has more in common with traditional home security systems than the other products on this list, but setup is relatively simple. The Ring system comes with a base station, a keypad to install on the wall, a motion detector, a contact sensor and a range extender.

  • Ooma – $105

The most cost-effective of all the cheap home security devices we reviewed, Ooma comes with a Telo hub that allows you to call local 911 — even when you’re not home — as well as a powerful motion sensor.

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