Increasing Gas Mileage

Oct 08, 2018

08 Oct
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Increasing Gas Mileage

by Robert Marsalona

From year to year, more likely than not, your expenses increase, especially in New York. Many expenses are out of our control. What to do? In addition to finding cheap car insurance, you can decrease your expenses by learning how to regulate gas mileage. Here are some tips to get the most out of each tank!

1. Pay attention to the different prices at local gas stations.

Even if they are in the same area, prices per gallon can be vastly different.

2. Spend less time on the road.

Our cars are a major convenience, but there are probably situations daily where we use our cars and we don’t actually need to. Consider a carpool to work, or taking public transportation when feasible. If you live in NYC, there are plenty of opportunities to walk as well.

3. Make sure you are taking the most efficient routes.

Just because a route is the shortest doesn’t mean it is optimal for gas mileage (plus less mileage could mean cheaper car insurance too!). Being caught in a stop and go too often burns gas.

4. Modify your driving habits.

Many people don’t realize that the way you drive affects how well the car performs. Try to avoid rapid acceleration and idling with the engine on for too long.

5. Travel lightly.

The more weight you carry, the harder it is on the vehicle. Get rid of an excess weight to extend your mileage.

It is common to think that using AC too heavily leads to poor mileage; in some cases this is true, but rolling the windows down on the highway actually creates more drag, and slows your car down, using more gas.

7. Use Cruise Control.

On the highway, cruise control will keep you at a constant speed, further reducing fuel consumption.

8. Drive the speed limit.

Instead of driving slightly above the speed limit, try the opposite! Believe it or not, this practice conserves more fuel.

9. Routinely maintenance your vehicle.

Make sure to change your oil and oil filter as directed. Also rotate and properly inflate your tires. It might not be a bad idea to get a tune-up from your dealership or local mechanic once a year.

10. Purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Often times SUVs, vans and trucks have a lower miles per gallon rating. When you are searching for a car, try to find something that satisfies your needs while offering good fuel economy.

Making these small changes to your driving habits can hopefully help your car become a less costly and more proficient asset. Want cheap car insurance? Get a quote with TSC now!

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