Did I Forget To…10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation

Jun 14, 2019

14 Jun
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Did I Forget To…10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation

by John Malone

After a brutal winter and a soggy spring, warm weather is finally here! Although you might be eager to get out of dodge and enjoy the getaway you’ve been planning, you’ll want your home to be secure in your absence.

Ensuring that all of your belongings are safe and protected will give you peace of mind so that you can truly enjoy your time away and worry of nothing else but what’s on the menu or what beach you’ll be spread out on.

Here are 10 tips to keep your home safe on vacation.

5 Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Home Safe

Protecting your home from opportunistic burglars requires more than keeping a few lights on. Below is a list to help deter home invaders even further:

  1. Lock all doors and windows, and set the alarm properly when you leave.
  2. Secure valuables in a safe or deposit box, and keep them away from windows.
  3. Program your interior systems. Set timers on interior lights, similar to your normal routine, and adjust your HVAC to lower your heat or air conditioning usage.
  4. Avoid broadcasting your location on social media. Your friends might not be the only ones paying attention to your status updates.
  5. Alert your alarm company, and let them know you’ll be away from home for an extended period of time so that they can act quickly upon emergency.

5 Tips on How to Secure the Outside of Your Home

Ignoring the outside of your home can hint at your absence just as easily as inaction on the inside. Here are a few more things to take care of before you leave on your vacation:

  1. Lock the garage, and secure any entrances from the garage into your home.
  2. Set timers for exterior lights, similar to normal usage.
  3. Trim tree branches, rake leaves and tend your lawn. If away for an extended period, arrange for a landscaping service or neighbor to continue yard maintenance. In winter months, hire someone to shovel your driveway.
  4. Discontinue newspapers and mail delivery service, or have them be picked up by a neighbor or friend.
  5. Remove any spare keys hidden outdoors. Burglars are aware of the most popular hiding places, such as beneath doormats, in potted plants, or under a fake rock.

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