Long Island Home Insurance: What to Know Before Choosing a Carrier

Mar 22, 2019

22 Mar
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Long Island Home Insurance: What to Know Before Choosing a Carrier

by James Elliot

Home insurance is a kind of insurance policy that reimburses homeowners for losses caused by fires, storms, or theft. Homeowners insurance also covers legal costs if someone is injured in your home or on your property. If you’re looking for Long Island home insurance and wondering where to start, this is the blog for you.

How to Choose a Long Island Home Insurance Carrier

  • Shop Around for Coverage

If you own a home, your mortgage lender will require you to get home insurance. Where you get that policy is up to you, so make sure to shop around! To find the best Long Island home insurance rates, it’s best to get quotes from a handful of different companies.

To see what TSC Direct’s rate is, click here to get a quote. The process takes just a few minutes!

  • Compare Company Ratings

A.M. Best, which has been in operation since 1899, is considered the go-to resource for third-party ratings of insurers.

TSC Direct received an A- (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, a vote of confidence that we are financially stable and more than able to meet our policy and contract obligations.

As of December 31, 2017 TSC had admitted assets of $104,143,929 and policyholders surplus of $45,194,317. Its total liabilities were $58,949,612 including $42,833,754 in reserves.

  • Understand Location Risks

Are you living in a flood zone? Flood coverage is rarely included in standard home insurance policies. You may be able to add it on as additional coverage, however. If you live in a flood zone, flood insurance is typically mandatory.

If you are living in a flood zone and are considering bundling your flood insurance with your home insurance, make sure to factor in flood insurance rates so you can accurately compare your total premium costs.

  • Find out about Discounts

You home insurance rate isn’t set in stone. It will change as the value of your home and belongings fluctuates and as your risk profile changes.

You as a homeowner can invest in your home’s security by installing things like burglar alarms, water safety systems, and storm shutters and your insurance company may provide discounts on coverage.

  • Compare the Claims Process

When comparing Long Island home insurance companies it’s easy to focus on the premiums. After all, that’s what will impact you right away after making a decision. But after suffering losses caused by a fire or theft, nothing will be more important to you than the claims process.

TSC Direct has a longstanding reputation as an insurance company that makes its claims process simple and straightforward. We even hand-deliver checks whenever possible to ensure claims money gets to our insured members as soon as possible.

Long Island Home Insurance from TSC Direct

If you are looking for affordable Long Island home insurance, look no further than TSC Direct. We are a New York insurance carrier that’s designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners on Long Island.

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As  of December 31, 2019 Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company, known by its trade name, TSC>Direct, had admitted assets of $109,367,801 and policyholders surplus of $49,936,957.  Its total liabilities were $59,430,843 including $38,313,944 in reserves.

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