How to Navigate the New York Home Insurance Claims Process

May 10, 2019

10 May
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How to Navigate the New York Home Insurance Claims Process

by Richard Leon

When you have to make an insurance claim after something happens to your home, you want the process to be simple. After all, you’re already going through enough, and you don’t want the claims process to be another headache. Having an insurance company that values your needs and can reassure you is critical. TSC Direct is committed to providing you with a straightforward home insurance claims process and a personal touch.

Standard insurance companies have about a five-day to eight-day turnaround before you see your check. Our company policy calls for a 72-hour window from accident to claims check, whenever possible. We may even be able to expedite the process further when our insured members promptly return emails, phone calls, and comply with requests promptly.  

TSC Direct understands that getting your check in the shortest time possible is your priority. Regular mail takes a minimum of two or three business days to get to you. For home insurance and any other critical insurance matter, you don’t have time to waste. Once your claim is approved, we will even hand deliver your check to you if circumstances allow.

In keeping with our commitment to exceptional service, we have come up with some tips to navigate the home insurance claims process. Here’s what you need for everything to go smoothly.

Before You Begin the Home Insurance Claims Process

Assess the extent and cost of the damage to your home to ensure that it is worth making a claim. In some cases, where the cost of the repair is close to the cost of your deductible, it may be in your best interest to avoid a claim altogether. Once you have determined the damage is worthy of a claim, contact your insurance company immediately.

Document the Damage

Take pictures and videos of the damage. It is essential to record the damage as quickly and accurately as possible. Be thorough with your explanations but stick to the facts.

Consider All Costs

When you are assessing the value of your claim, make sure you include the following details:

  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of labor for repairs
  • Value of lost items
  • Money spent on alternative living arrangement
  • Lost wages due to missed work
  • Any other expenses as a result of the damage

Fill Out the Necessary Paperwork and Stick to Deadlines

Pay careful attention to the paperwork and when it is due. Fill out the forms completely and correctly to avoid potential delays.

Know Your Rights

Understanding your policy, what it pays for, what it doesn’t, and your deductible can help you make informed decisions throughout the claims process.

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