Factors That Can Impact NYC Auto Insurance Rates

Feb 08, 2019

08 Feb
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Factors That Can Impact NYC Auto Insurance Rates

by Jane Donahue

The factors that determine auto insurance rates aren’t clear to most drivers. In New York, in particular, good drivers are often dumbfounded about why they’re stuck with such high rates. To bring much-needed transparency to the industry, TSC Direct has put together the following list of factors that shape NYC auto insurance rates.

Safety Rating

Driving a car with a satisfactory safety rating would lower your NYC auto insurance rates because there is less of a risk of someone getting injured and having to seek medical attention. This safety rating is determined by examining the chance that you or your passengers would be injured if your vehicle was involved in an accident. Features that can increase this rating include airbags, traction control and sensors that can stop the car automatically.

Size of the Car

Generally speaking, large cars are considered safer than small cars. Driving a large car that has a good safety rating will result in lower NYC auto insurance rates than a small car with a lower safety rating.

Age of the Car

Newer cars are likely to have higher replacement costs, therefore they may have higher rates for physical damage (comprehensive and collision) coverage than older cars. The newer the car, the higher the rates are likely to be.

Driving Record

A person’s driving record is an important consideration when determining NYC auto insurance rates. Insurance companies like TSC Direct will closely examine your driving record to see if you have been involved in any accidents, received any tickets, or had to make any insurance claims in the past. A clean driving record is obviously the most desirable and will result in the lowest rates.

If you were in an accident, it usually stops impacting your insurance rates after about three to five years of safe driving. DUIs impact insurance rates considerably and may prevent you from getting insured at all.

How You Use Your Car

Auto insurance rates are influenced by what you use your car for, where you drive, the distances you drive, and when you drive. People who commute to work usually drive on busy roads, at busy times, and over long distances. Commuters are more likely to be in an accident, so their insurance rates tend to be higher.

People who don’t commute to work in their cars and who don’t frequently travel long distances tend to enjoy lower rates, especially with TSC Direct.

Credit Score

Credit scores may impact auto insurance rates. Try to keep your credit score as high as possible. Low credit scores usually mean higher insurance rates.

Take Advantage of the Best NYC Auto Insurance Rates

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