The NYC Neighborhoods with the most Car Break-Ins are…

May 27, 2019

27 May
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The NYC Neighborhoods with the most Car Break-Ins are…

by Jane Donahue

There were 20,832 NYC car break-ins across the city’s five boroughs in 2017, the most recent year for which data is available.

Brooklyn had the most, 6,263, followed by the Bronx with 6,194, Queens with 5,020, Manhattan with 2,370, and Staten Island with 984.

What these numbers don’t tell you is the ratio of break-ins to available parking spaces. Below we’ll break down the numbers with the help of an amazing report by to highlight the areas that pose the greatest risk.

As you’ll see, sparsely populated areas near parks tend to have higher break-in rates than congested areas.


When looking at areas of Manhattan with the highest ratio of break-ins to available parking spots, East Harlem holds the top spot. Although Harlem has an abundance of parking, East Harlem leads with 2.2 break-ins per 100 parking spots.

Central Park and Washington Heights round out the top three with a tie of 2.1 break-ins per 100 spots, roughly two times that of the Manhattan average.


The raw data in Brooklyn shows that East New York has the most car break-ins. However, when averaging out the ratio of break-ins to available parking spots, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is the area with the highest break-in rate.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens has 1.8 break-ins per 100 spots, while East New York and Cypress Hills have 1.6 break-ins per 100 spots each.

The Bronx

Although the Bronx has a smaller population than Manhattan and Brooklyn, the average ratio of break-ins to available parking spots is almost 3 times higher. The Bronx has the highest frequency of smash-and-grabs of all boroughs.

Van Cortlandt Park has the highest ratio of car break-ins to available parking spots at 12.6. That is nearly 4 times the average compared to other boroughs. Concourse and Pelham Bay Park have 7.4 and 7.1 break-ins per 100 spots, respectively.


Even though Queens is the largest borough, it has the lowest average ratio of break-ins to available parking spots. It may have a higher number of total break-ins compared to other boroughs, but the frequency is the lowest.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park tops the list in Queens with 3.3 break-ins per 100 available parking spots. Jackson Heights follows with 1.5 break-ins per 100 spots, while Long Island City has 1.4.

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