What Boroughs and Which Streets Win NYC’s Prize for Most Potholes?

Aug 28, 2019

28 Aug
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What Boroughs and Which Streets Win NYC’s Prize for Most Potholes?

by James Elliot

New York ranks sixth among American cities with the worst potholes problems. Potholes have the potential to cause considerable damage to vehicles and seriously injure drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. That’s why we’ve outlined which areas of NYC have the most potholes so that you can take caution on your daily commute.

Ranking Boroughs With the Most Reported Potholes

Here are the rankings of the boroughs based on the total number of pothole complaint reports that each municipality receives. We present this information courtesy of NYC Open Data on the city’s pothole reports.

1. Queens

Queens is the borough with the highest number of pothole complaint reports, collecting over 20,000. Zip code 11101 is the area in Queens with the most complaints and ranks as the second-highest zip code in all of NYC.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has the second-highest number of pothole complaints, but they have the slowest average response time for reconciling them. Repairing potholes is slow in all of NYC, but in Brooklyn, it takes an average of nearly four days.

3. Bronx

Potholes and collisions caused by pothole formation have cost drivers in the Bronx extensive damage over the years. TSC Direct has insurance plans to make sure that you’re covered in the event of an accident.

4. Manhattan

Most of the pothole complaints here arise as street conditions decline, and constant freeze-thaw cycles contribute to road damage. Reports were also collected on bridges and highways too if you decide to travel outside of Manhattan. 

5. Staten Island

Although Staten Island has the fewest overall pothole complaints on this list, two of the zip codes (10314 and 10312) have the highest number of complaint reports.

Which Streets Have the Most Reported Potholes?

Based on the total amount of potholes reported, we’ve identified which streets and intersections have the most pothole problems. If you’re driving, cycling, or walking down one of these streets, travel with extra caution:

  • Broadway in Manhattan
  • 3rd Ave in the Bronx
  • 5th Ave in Manhattan
  • 2nd Ave in Manhattan
  • 7th Ave in Manhattan

Intersections with the most potholes include:

  • Brooklyn: Pennsylvania Ave and Pitkin Ave 
  • Queens: 122nd Pl and 133rd Ave 
  • Brooklyn: 2nd Ave and 39th St 
  • Queens: Cornaga Ave and Beach 9th St 
  • Queens: 42nd and 213th 

What Kind of Car Damage Can Potholes Cause?

Although impact occurs between potholes and your vehicle’s tire, the effects may cause alignment or suspension problems. Other damages can include:

  • Fluid leaks and undercarriage damage
  • Exhaust system components
  • Misalignment, causing vehicle shaking and pulling left or right
  • Wheel rim damage and dents
  • Broken axles
  • Deflated tires

If a pothole caused damage to your vehicle, call your insurance agent at TSC Direct to file an auto claim. We’ll help you cover the repair costs so that you can get back on the road again.

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