Planning a Safe and Fun Road Trip

Sep 13, 2018

13 Sep
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Planning a Safe and Fun Road Trip

by Robert Marsalona

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a month long journey from coast to coast, there’s plenty of fun to be had! Singalongs and unexpected adventures await. However, with extended time on the road comes a lot of preparation. Before you embark on your journey, follow this checklist so you are fully ready to hit the road:

Come up With an Affordable, Manageable Plan

Map out the total expenses you estimate for the trip, either for you individually, or for your family. Take into account meals, gas, tolls, souvenirs, and the cost of activities, etc. You will also need to figure out where you will be staying each night, and for how long you will remain in each area. Decide what type of trip fits your budget. A short weekend getaway or a week long adventure can be fun on any budget.

Inspect Your Car

Make sure your car is ready for extended use. Does it need an oil change? Are the tires low on air or is the tread wearing thin? Are there any repairs you have been holding out on? Be sure to think ahead and perform any over-due routine maintenance before leaving. You will appreciate a clean car when you are spending more time than usual driving. Clean out any clutter in your car so you have ample room for all of your bags and passengers. A quick drive through the automatic car wash is never a bad idea—especially if you have a dirty windshield!

Pack for the Unexpected

Long stretches of time on the road can come with a lot of baggage (no pun intended). Be sure to pack snacks and extra drinks. If you are bringing little ones on the trip, make sure you pack some entertainment—whether it’s an iPad, book or car game, it’ll make the trip better for everyone. It is essential to have preparedness items like jumper cables, a flashlight, a portable phone charger and a freshly stocked first aid kit. If you have AAA, or your insurance company offers 24hr roadside assistance, have their numbers with you.

Plan Your Route

We know, your smartphone can get you anywhere you need to go. But, we’ve all been in a situation where our phone dies or loses signal in a remote location. A backup GPS and a paper map are great resources to have if your smartphone fails you. It is smart to have a preplanned route with built in stops for gas, food and a rest or bathroom break. If you have multiple willing drivers, you can decide in advance where and when to take breaks to avoid dozing off at the wheel.

Of course, there’s no harm in taking a few detours, because, ultimately, it may be the unplanned moments that lead to the best memories! Road trips are a dynamic travel experience, and there are going to be ‘bumps in the road’ no matter how prepared you are. So, take in the scenic moments when you can and enjoy the time spent with those you care about. Isn’t that the reason you had the idea to take a road trip in the first place?

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