Useful and Innovative Car Safety Features

Sep 10, 2018

10 Sep
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Useful and Innovative Car Safety Features

by Laura James

Advancements in technology have allowed today’s roads to be safer than ever before. The newest cars are equipped with technology that, though not foolproof, can help prevent accidents. The fewer accidents you get in to, the lower the cost of your car insurance! Did you know that certain car safety features can even lead to a discount on your car insurance premium? Here are some of our favorite car safety features:

Blind Spot Monitoring

Unsafe lane changes are one of the top causes of accidents each year. Changing lanes and merging is one of the most frequent maneuvers made by drivers and requires a lot of focus and care. Thoroughly checking your blind spot is essential to changing lanes or merging safely. Thanks to blind spot monitoring, your mirror will now alert you if there is someone in or approaching your blind spot with a solid red or yellow light. When you have your blinker on, an alarm will often sound to warn you of another car so you don’t change lanes and cause an accident.

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Auto Emergency Breaking

The National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that each year, around 40% of collisions in the U.S. are rear-end collisions. Automatic breaking can help to improve this statistic. This car safety feature will sense rear-end collision accidents before they occur. The car will alert the driver while initiating the vehicle’s brakes automatically. In our very distracted lives–especially in New York, this can be a highly sought after feature for your next vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning

Some drivers have a tendency to drift out of their lane. The lane departure warning safety feature will stop unintentional crossing between lanes by a distracted driver. The system will sound a warning or buzz your steering wheel or seatbelt to alert you when you are drifting across the painted line. There is an even more intricate lane keep system available, where the car will gently pull you back into your lane if you are drifting without signaling first.

Back-Up Camera

Although this car safety feature has been around for a while, it has consistently been improved and enhanced over the years. Some cars now have 360 degree cameras equipped with multiple angle views; others have cross traffic monitoring–which will beep if there are objects or people moving behind the car while in reverse. Some cameras will follow the trajectory of the steering wheel so you can more clearly judge your projected path. And, if parallel parking was ever a challenge for you, you now can buy a car that will do it for you thanks to the capabilities of automated systems integrated with parking cameras.

These are just some of the features available with modern cars. While many of these features make driving easier, they can more importantly save a life!

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